Contra Vitium: How VICE Mischaracterized a Religious Movement

Мало Одалистичких мисли нашег пријатеља Ден Капа.

Heathen Harvest

Thor Battering the Midgard Serpent by Henry FuseliThor Battering the Midgard Serpent by Henry Fuseli


How VICE Mischaracterized a Religious Movement Through Poor Research

by Dan Capp


Have you ever adored a creature so much you felt like you could smother it to death? If so, you’re not alone—it is a known phenomenon called ‘cute aggression’, apparently, and something similar was portrayed in the classic novel Of Mice and Men. Lennie—a migrant field worker in the story—kills his puppy while stroking it, and then a lady likewise. Lennie’s friend George quickly anticipates the vengeance to come and gives Lennie a painless resolution instead. Lennie’s story is a rather bleak yet philosophical tale I think you’ll agree.

An argument offered in metaphorical form can often cool a heated debate. Trigger words can be more easily avoided, and the opponent is invited to consider one’s point in a more objective sense. Our brief glimpse into

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5. Autism, an explanation from the inside (en)

Аутизам, објашњен изнутра

Atala - A journey to the Golden Age by Marie Cachet

Version française

a. The infinite perception

Rather than concluding with a lack of empathy, a lack of understanding of the world, a lack of communication, or even, as it has often been pointed out, a need to stop a world that moves too fast, we must accept to understand the symptoms. The autistic persons do not live in another world, they do not live in a world beside the normal world, but yes, they see the world differently. This is not the world that is going too fast and that they are trying to stop, as it has been suggested, but it is their sensory perception of the world that is too fast and too detailed.

Their hearing, for example, but the other senses operate on the same model, is not better, but it is constant. This means that if autistic people are bothered by the sound, it is not…

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