5. Temporal velocity, geographical velocity and absolute velocity. (en)

Atala - A journey to the Golden Age by Marie Cachet

Version française

a. The illusion of light and the nature of the photon

The other hypothese (in which I believe) are now coming with the remainder of my cosmogonical description. You know that Einstein believed that space and time was only one dimension in the universe. Gravity is a force that changes the fabric of the spacetime. The greater the mass is, the more it distorts the fabric, and the celestial object can disappear into the fabric of space-time. This deformation is why any object is deflected and can “fall” in the space-time. This also applies to the light, according to Einstein, which is thus “redshifted” precisely because of the gravitational effect.


In fact, the redshift of the reflected or created light by a celestial object is also known as an optical effect resulting from the movement of the celestial object. As the Doppler effect concerning the sound, it…

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